Romance, Love and Sex in games

Lyst is a conference and a cooperative prototyping
environment focused on the arts and crafts of games.
Lyst is a free space to explore your ideas.


The Lyst Summit is all about idea creation and experimentation. Even though the subject is serious, the summit is playful and inviting and will yield great ideas and prototypes.


The endeavor of going to an island and dedicating yourself to the subject of Romance, Love, and Sex in games will undoubtedly give an experience of a lifetime.


Our diverse, carefully chosen network of creative individuals inside and outside of the games industry forge invaluable relationships and perhaps future collaborations, over the course of three days.


This summit aims to bring light and love to a somewhat controversial subject in games; even though romance, love and sex are some of the most natural aspects of human behaviour, it is not portrayed very often, or very well in games. We want to bring artists, developers, sound artists and creatives from inside and outside the industry together to celebrate, discuss and create within these marvelous topics.