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Frequently asked questions – Lyst Summit

Frequently asked questions

Here are the questions people ask us the most. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

What is a game jam?

Inspired by jamming out at music gathering, so is game jamming. At a game jam, people with different qualities gather to develop a game within a very limited time constraint, ususally 48 hours.

How does it work?

The game jam starts Friday evening with a dinner where people get to know their groups, get an introduction and start brainstorming on ideas. The day’s after (or during the night if you’re ambitious) the development starts. During the two days we’ll have some optional creative breaks with yoga, swimming, exercises, games and whatever we can come up with. Sunday at 16:00 the game jam ends, we’ll have presentations, a final dinner, and a party.

Isn't it just for nerds?

Well, if you by nerds mean people who are really passionate about a subject, then yes. If you mean people with bad social skills and big thick glasses and still living in their mother’s basement, then only maybe. We don’t judge 🙂

However, we will ensure a diverse and creative group of participants. Making a good event is not just about the curated content. It is also about having a diverse and interesting composition of creative individuals. We are inviting artists and thinkers from inside as well as outside the games industry.

Read our manifesto here

I cannot draw/program/animate/xxx

Nobody knows how to do everything. And it is not needed to be an expert. You just have to bring your qualities and creativity and then we’ll ensure that your team is composed optimally. That means that everything that you will need to develop a game will be represented in your team.

Also. You can make non-digital, non-traditional games with no screens or anything. This game below, Sushi hands, is a lot of fun and require only hands to play.

What if I already have a team?

You can apply for the game jam as a team. However, the participation to the game jam is on a selection basis, and we will evaluate your whole team on the same level as we would individuals.