Bobbi A Sand

Explicit Power Dynamics – BDSM in games

How is BDSM portrayed in games, and what can that teach us about love, life (and games)? In BDSM negotiation, communication and consent are essential, and the power dynamics explicit – something that relationships not in this domain might benefit from as well. Bobbi A Sand takes examples from her game Knife Sisters (in development) as well as from other games where BDSM is used as a theme or a game mechanic.


Bobbi A Sand is an Author and Game Designer from Malmö, Sweden. Since 2006 she has been exploring what games are and could be, in her company Ozma Games, and now in Transcenders Media. In Ozma she’s worked together with Karin Ryding on many experimental game projects, such as Urblove, a platform where people make their own location based games, and the social word game Words of Oz, in which players create poetry together. Bobbi writes fiction novels on subjects such as identity, relationships, subcultures and sexuality. She’s currently working on the story based game Knife Sisters, themed around love, peer pressure, occultism, and BDSM.