Matthew Baume

Playing with Pride

What happens when queer culture and game culture collide? We’ve gathered video interviews with over a hundred LGBT/ally gamers, creators, and journalists for an exploration of what happens when these two worlds overlap. Join us for a talk and presentation of video highlights, featuring stories of how games have played a role in personal reinvention, in tackling life’s challenges, and in creating family bonds, community, and a sense of belonging.


Matt Baume is a writer, journalist, and videomaker whose work focuses on LGBT issues, entertainment, and geek culture.

He’s the author of the book Defining Marriage, which chronicles the personal stories of people who fought for marriage over the last 40 years, and hosts a companion podcast of the same name. He also created the popular podcast The Sewers of Paris, on which queer men explore the media and culture that affected their lives. Currently, Matt and his partner James are working on a video interview project called Playing With Pride, featuring personal stories about what happens when queer culture and game culture collide.

Matt’s reporting has appeared in Vice Magazine, The Advocate, The Stranger, and on NPR; and he’s appeared on The Savage Lovecast, Out Chicago, and Tomefoolery, as well as at South by Southwest, Emerald City Comicon, PAX West, and GaymerX. He lives in Seattle, where he can be seen biking everywhere and talking to birds.