Menno Deen

VilDu?! how small things can have a big impact​

VilDu?! how small things can have a big impact​
Why and how did we design a game for sexually abuse children? ​Dr. Menno Deen and Frank Lips explain how VilDu?! gives children a voice to talk without speaking. The designer and therapist share lessons-learned from the initial concept creation, game development and actual implementation of the game in therapy sessions.



Dr. Menno van Pelt-Deen is a Design[er] Researcher, he explores game design in new and weird contexts. He creates games in swimming pools, therapeutic sessions, and forests. By creating games with professionals, students, and non-game developers, Menno builds bridges between industries, disciplines, and people. As a result, he fosters the inclusion of new perspectives and domains into the creative industry of game development.

Menno initiated the Games [4…] Jams. These game jams bring people together to develop a working game in a rather short time span. The jams produce case studies in the domains of health, education and cultural heritage. Most of all, they inspire and connect.

Together with Mark van Kuijk, Menno founded the game studio Lapp. Lapp develops prototypes and performs user tests for games that stimulate meaningful interactions between (grand)parents and children. Combining two playing styles and cognitive abilities in one game in order to resonate both experiences and invite players to communicate with one another.