Thomas Ryder

Punks 'n Perverts - Love and Fashion in Beat 'Em Up Games

Neon punks have taken over the subway! Burlesque bodybuilders and whip swinging dominatrixes are lingering on every street corner! This talk explores the ludicrous world of beat ’em up games – the extreme fashion, the twisted love stories and the dark undertones of fetishism and BDSM.


I’m a game designer/graphics designer with 15 years of experience in video game production, logo creation, illustration and typography.

I have been the lead game designer on 20+ games for brands like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Animal Planet. My experience includes working with hard deadlines, regular client communication and being responsible for the creative vision. I enjoy making prototypes in Game Maker as well as paper prototyping by hand. For the last year I’ve been collaborating with the games company House on Fire, and have been the lead game designer on 2 independent productions, Neon Zone and The Silent Age.