This year’s Lyst Summit will be held on the boat MF William Jørgensen, which is docked in the creative and cultural Holmen area in Copenhagen that houses institutions like the Art academy’s Architecture school, The National Theatre School, The National Film School of Denmark, Rhythmic Music Conservatory and the National Opera.

The love boat

The boat is an old smaller sized ferry that used to transport cars between two islands in Øresund. But in it’s old days, this ferry has renewed itself as a banquet facility and conference center.

We feel that holding the summit on a boat exemplifies the off-beat nature of our summit. It is very easy to commute there, since the harbor ferry bus arrives right next to the facilities.

NB! The boat will not leave the harbor and you can always get of if you feel the need. The boat is quite stable at the harbor, so it should be no problem for most to stay longer durations on the boat.

Bellow are images from previous year’s Lyst.
The great pictures are from Robin Baumgarten.